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The Moon Loungers is a professional, family run business.

Uncle Al deals with all bookings in a friendly way, and Chris and Steve are cousins who have played music together for years. Stu the drummer is an old friend who has drummed with Steve for many years – this is not a pool of random musicians or session players!

We fully appreciate that every bride and groom have their own unique dream of their wedding day, and will always adapt to any particular wedding day wishes. Whether it’s the best man joining us for a song, the father of the bride playing a few Shadows numbers, or the bride singing some backing vocals, we are open to any suggestions.


Pre-Wedding Meetings

moon loungers wedding band quality service

Steve and Chris are always happy to meet up with couples during the build up to their weddings for a cup of tea and an informal chat about the big day.

This provides an opportunity to discuss timings, song choices and any other details, with everything noted down on a handy info sheet.

Meetings generally take place on Tuesdays at our HQ in Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, between 9.00am and 6.00pm. For directions, please check out the Find us page.


Customer Testimonials

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Okay so that’s enough blowing one’s own trumpet... if you’d like to read some customer comments, click on the thumbnails below.

There are also lots of customer comments on our Wedding Awards page as well our Facebook page.

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