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acoustic 70s moon loungers albumAcoustic 70s

For our latest decade-themed offering we thought we'd put together an Acoustic 70s album. 18 months in the making, it contains no less than 34 songs!

From Bowie to the Bee Gees and ELO to Elton John, it is jam-packed with 70s classics in stripped down acoustic form.  Download or stream now!  Spotify   |   iTunes   |   Apple Music   |   Amazon Music


moon loungers 3-piece covers volume 23-Piece Covers Vol. II

A mere 6 ½ years on from our first 3-piece covers album, we’ve finally released the follow up.  And we’ve called it “3-Piece Covers Vol. II”.

It is packed with loads of covers taken from our repertoire, with everything from the Kinks to the Killers and Erasure to Ed Sheeran. Download or stream from wherever you prefer!  Spotify   |   iTunes   |   Apple Music   |   Amazon Music


moon loungers live covers south west wedding bandThe Moon Loungers Live Covers

We've recorded a number of our gigs over the years, so we thought it would be a good idea to pick out our favourite live tracks and make them available for your listening pleasure.

And here's the result: an energy-packed live album that somehow starts with "Mr. Bluesky" and closes with "Ice Ice Baby" - much like a typical Moon Loungers live set! -   Download from iTunes   |   Stream on Spotify


sergeant pepper acoustic covers albumSgt Pepper's Acoustic Covers

In celebration of 50 years since the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released, we've put together an acoustic covers album containing our own versions of EVERY song from the original LP.

From "With a Little Help from My Friends" to "Within Without You", they are all here in stripped down acoustic glory!  Download from iTunes   |   Stream on Spotify


moon loungers acoustic 80s covers albumAcoustic Covers - 80s

This bumper 14-track album comprises a collection of classic 80s tunes, all taken apart and put back together in stripped down acoustic guitar/vocal format.

It features songs by 80s global megastars such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, as well as some much-loved British tunes made famous by the likes of OMD and Yazoo.  Download from iTunes   |   Stream on Spotify   |   Purchase from


moon loungers Acoustic covers volume 2Acoustic Covers - Vol. 2

Yes, the wait is over. The much-hyped (not really) follow up to our successful Acoustic Covers Vol. 1 album is finally here! 

Brilliantly titled "Acoustic Covers Vol. 2", it is packed with songs old and new from our live acoustic duo repertoire as well as a couple of recent YouTube covers.  Download from iTunes  |   Stream on Spotify  |   Purchase from


moon loungers acoustic summerAcoustic Summer Album

Celebrate summer with the Moon Loungers' latest release, an album of sunshine and summer-related acoustic covers.

Grab a cold beer, get the barbecue going and stick this on in the background for the perfect soundtrack to a summer's day!  Download from iTunes  |   Stream on Spotify  |   Purchase from


moon loungers acoustic rock covers albumAcoustic Rock Covers Album

We have followed up on the success of our acoustic versions of songs such as "Sweet Child o' Mine" with this full length album of rock covers.

It contains songs from every decade since the 1960s, from Cream's Sunshine of Your Love right up to Miss Atomic Bomb by the Killers.  Download from iTunes  |   Stream on Spotify  |   Purchase from


moon loungers 3-piece acoustic sessions album3-Piece Acoustic Sessions Album

This eclectic mix of 3-piece cover versions was recorded with Chris on acoustic guitar and Stu on brushes for a laid back feel. 

The album is packed full of interesting arrangements of some of our live numbers, plus a few personal favourites we've always wanted to record. Download from iTunes  |   Stream on Spotify  |   Purchase from


moon loungers acoustic covers albumAcoustic Covers Album

Acoustic Covers' 12 tracks are drawn from various studio recording sessions by the acoustic duo as well as a live wedding performance. 

There should be something for everyone here, with everything from Mr Bojangles through to "Mr Brightside".    Download from iTunes  |   Stream on Spotify  |   Purchase from


moon loungers 3-piece covers album3-Piece Covers Album

This 12 track album brings together a mixture of 3-piece studio recordings from down the years and a couple of high energy live performances for good measure.

The range of covers spans the decades and genres, with everything from Johnny B. Goode to Back for Good (see what we did there?)!  Download from iTunes  |   Stream on Spotify  |   Purchase from


moon loungers down the river original albumDown the River (original album)

Down the River contains 11 original tracks written and recorded a few years back by the acoustic duo. It is brimming with catchy melodies, rich harmonies and shimmering acoustic guitars.  Download from iTunes  |   Stream on Spotify

To purchase an actual physical copy of the album (a what?) please click here.