About Us

It was 20 years ago today... (well, not quite)

Cousins Chris and Steve originally formed the Moon Loungers back at the start of 2006. Having attempted in vain to conquer the world of music as original artists, they had finally decided life as a covers band might not be so bad after all.

The duo quickly became established on the wedding scene across the South West, the combination of accomplished musicianship and a polite, customer-focused attitude (a rare blend!) proving popular with clients, venues and other wedding industry suppliers alike.

In 2007 the virtuoso talents of Stu the drummer were secured, providing the Moon Loungers with the power and versatility required to deliver an outstanding evening package in addition to the more daytime-suited acoustic duo.

The crazy ensuing period was spent playing over 60 gigs a year whilst simultaeously developing our YouTube channel and uploading music to iTunes and, in turn, Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.  In 2015 we built our own studio at the bottom of Chris' garden, providing us with a purpose built environment/man cave in which to continue producing all our music.

In 2020, after over 14 years of live performance and 800+ gigs, the Covid-19 pandemic came along and all the gigs in our diary were either cancelled or postponed. We found ourselves focusing more on our online music and, by the end of the year we'd decided to call it a day on playing live.

So these days we spend our time hunkered down in the studio, where we are constantly recording and producing music as well as curating our popular Acoustic Covers playlists. Be sure to check us out on Spotify and Apple Music!

Steve & Chris

The Moon Loungers